When you add lag time, you delay the start time of the successor task.

When you add lead time to a task, work on that task will overlap work on its predecessor.

Before you can start adding lead or lag time, you need to create a dependency between the two tasks. In most cases, your dependency would point from the end of a task, the predecessor, to the beginning of another task, the successor. This is an end-to-start dependency.

One of the great features in ManagePlaces is that you can change the date of a task simply by dragging and dropping to the task to its new date. If you change the date of a 'Predecessor' task, the system will automatically update the 'Successor' tasks as well, along with task reminders. This allows you to effectively automate large parts of the project management process, saving you time and minimising the risk of human error.

Here’s how lag time looks in the Gantt chart (1 day lag time):

Here’s how lead time looks in the Gantt chart (2 days lead time):