There are three ways to create a project in ManagePlaces as follows:

  • Upload a project template
  • Create an estimate and convert it into a project
  • Build a project from scratch

This guide will show you all three methods.

Upload a project template:

Step 1 - Prepare your project template file:

Before we can upload our project template, we need to ensure that the file is the right format and has the right columns and headers. We recommend you download the sample CSV file first. To do this, click on Settings > Import project. Now find the sentence "Click here to download a sample CSV file..." and click. When the sample CSV file has downloaded, use it to put your project template in the right format.

Step 2 - Create a project shell:

The next step is to create a project shell that we can upload our template into. Simply click Projects in the left-hand navigation and then click the Add Project button. Now just give your project a name and then click Create Project.

Step 3 - Upload your project:

Once your project template is ready to be uploaded and your project shell is created, go back to Settings > Import project data and click the Import CSV button. Now simply select your project from the dropdown, upload your file and click Import.

Create an estimate and convert it into a project:

Step 1:

First we need to create an estimate. To do this, click Finances in the left-hand navigation, then click Estimates > Add estimate.

Step 2:

The next screen is where we will create our estimate. Fill in your estimate's Name, select or add a Customer and build your estimate by adding tasks and items on each line. When your estimate is complete, click Add estimate.

Note: Before you can add items (like materials or labour) into your estimate, you need to create and price them first. Here is a simple tutorial explaining how.

Step 3:

Once you (or your client) are happy, you can approve the estimate by clicking Approve in the left-hand navigation. Click Yes in the pop-up to confirm. Your estimate is now approved and ready to be turned into a working project.

Step 4:

To turn your estimate into a project, first click Create project in the top left of the screen. Now fill in your project's details including dates and team members. Finally, click Create project at the bottom of the page, and that's it - your project is live. You will now see your project dashboard where you and your team can communicate, add documents, log KPIs, edit dates and tasks etc.

Build a project from scratch:

Step 1:

In the left-hand navigation, click Projects > Add project.

Step 2:

Fill in your project's details including name, team members, start and end dates, and when you're done, click the Create Project button. ManagePlaces will now generate your project and you can start adding and assigning tasks, communicating with team members, managing documents, finances, reports and more.